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Tips to choose the best shine color

Jul 12

It's difficult to replace or upgrade your roof. It can make all the difference. It can change the entire design and appearance of your home.

Colors and combinations can aid in controlling the amount of heat the roof absorbs. They can also make your roof appear bigger or smaller. It can blend in or make a statement against the surroundings. The most effective option you will get is residential roofing in Kansas City.


Tips To Picking Shingle Color

You'll have to live with the color of your shingles for a number of years. A new roof could be a significant investment. And your neighbors will, too.


Neutral Colors

Neutral colors are typically the most sought-after colors. They are ideal for matching the home with the surroundings. It is popular to blend the roof with other elements of the home.

Muted greys, browns, and blacks are often popular. They are more effective in colder climates as they better absorb sunlight. They'll match with trims for windows, exterior walls, and also the landscaping of your yard.


A roof that is completely dark can cause the roof appear bigger than it is. This is particularly true for homes with a single story. Your Kansas City home will lose its appeal and distinction if it has dark siding. You should contact roofing companies near me in this regard.


A lighter shingled roof over an apartment building with multiple stories can look unbalanced. If the rest of the house is the same color, it will also start to fade and then lose any particular characteristics.


Blended Color

Many people are opting for a blending of the same colors. Most popular colors are the reds, greens and browns as well as blue shingles. Blending the different shades of shingles and the roof, it provides texture, depth, and a bit of pizazz.

You would choose to use mixed colors for a house that has a solid plain color. A brick home that is varying colors with a multi-colored roof would tend to be somewhat confusing.


Plain siding is a great option with two-toned roofing. The darker shades tend to blend , but the variations in browns and tans create stunning visual effects. It is recommended to use shingles with multiple colors with plain siding, but not with bricks or stones that have already been mixed.

Easy Guide

Always opt for an extra shade darker for your roof than the body of the house. Storm Contracting can help. A home that has wooden siding as well as trees surrounding would be best suited with a dark green or a brown and green blended roof. If you have a clay or red brick siding, then a great choice would brown, black or dark grey dark green shingles.


It is possible to use black to create a strong contrast with lighter hues, such as cream or white. Also, you can opt for a more subtle, like grey, brown or green. You could also opt for a blend, with greys and greens, for instance, but make sure that they don't clash or dominate the rest of your home.


Make sure the roof is in line with the trim on your house. If your home is colored in a cream or tan, you can make the roof shingles shade darker. A lighter brown will add depth to the home and create beautiful contrast without looking too glam.


Ask Your Roofer

For a free estimate , or for suggestions on what you should do, call us at. We are roofing companies in Kansas City that have decades of experience. We can assist you to pick the best shade for your roofing.

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