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How to Make a Trinket Dish

Dec 26

A trinket dish made with clay is fun and simple to make.

Begin by gathering your materials. Red clay, small cups or bowls, a spoon and water are all you will need.

Next, take out the clay from the packaging and cut off a small amount. Form the clay into a ball, then place it in the bottom of your cup or bowl. Smoothen it with your fingers and ensure that there is enough room for the dish to rest in the middle.

Then, you can use the spoon to moisten the clay around the cup or bowl. As you lift up the sides of your dish, this will allow the clay to stick to it.

You can smoothen the clay with your fingers and shape the edges by moving around. Use a damp spoon to remove any clay that is sticking. To ensure that the dish sticks together and doesn't break, press it down firmly.

Bake the dish at 275° Fahrenheit for 30 minutes, or until dry. Allow it to cool completely before you serve it with food.

You are now ready to display your creation on your coffee table or desk!

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